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Script writers are being recognized as being important to the film industry to create meaningful cinema. Rapid India LCC Services assists budding and experienced script writers with solid advice and editing services, combined with the marketing of the script. They promote the scripts in Bollywood and Hollywood. Rapid India LCC Services was founded in February 2016 by Yogesh Bhatt, in the city of Nadiad, India. In collaboration with local and overseas writers, actors and a screenwriter and producer. They have a direct liaison with Julie D. Paupe, screenwriter and executive producer for Ravenwolf Cinematic Combat UK. Her works have been read by several high profile actors. Other Executive Board Members are Patricia Shannon from New Zealand and from India, Dr Anita Sharma.

Marketing So you’re delighted and more than just a little bit excited with your completed screenplay. It’s professionally formatted and structured, the dialogue is drama driven, the action thrusts your protagonist into a series of thrilling challenges, the chase is intense and paced, the clarity is coherent and intelligible and the conflict motivates and shapes the action of the plot. So what’s next? Marketing your screenplay takes just as much professionalism as it does to write it. First impressions count. Presentation means everything. I will guide you on how to market using a step by step guide from the initial pitch to attaining production, finance and distribution – some of the hardest requirements to secure.
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Script Reads - Critique Have you written a screenplay and want to know if it meets all the criteria for a professional submission? We will read and guide you on the concept, structure, pacing, dialogue, conflict, clarity and characters of your screenplay and present you with valuable and positive advice before that initial submission.
- Script Reads and Critique

Script Analysis For legal reasons, it is unprofessional to send a script on your initial pitch and most recipients won’t even look at your hard work. One professional approach is to send a script report/analysis for your recipient to read. Our service will highlight the very best elements of your screenplay and your talents.
- Script Analysis

Synopsis A screenplay synopsis summarizes a screenplay for a reader such as an agent, director, producer or actor. If the reader likes the synopsis, he or she may ask to see the complete screenplay. Unlike a treatment, which consists of full-scene outlines put together, a synopsis includes only the most important characters and interesting events that carry the story forward. However, a synopsis must clearly show the necessary elements of the screenplay so the reader will know that you understand how to structure a script and whether putting a question mark at the end of a synopsis is right or wrong. We also provide this service for your novel, if you do not wish to convert it into a screenplay.
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Website Design and Services: We offer web design services, from scratch to launch and website maintenance services, online. We have an in-house, experienced IT Manager. Tell us how we can help you. The fee for a simple website design is from USD 190.00 ! Website updates and maintenance is from USD 55.00 per hour. Minor website updates are free of charge.
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Rapid India LCC Services provides extensive services for screen writing, editing, formatting, critique, marketing, translations and more.
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If you own the rights to your own novel or ebook and would love to see it turned into a TV series, drama or film – you can have them adapted into professionally formatted industry standard screenplays. Julie currently has three novel to industry standard screenplays in pre-production and will be able to help and guide you when attaching production, finance and distribution once the adaptation is complete.
- Novel to screenplay

Treatments A Treatment is a brief description of each scene throughout the screenplay with an average of about ten to forty pages and only have the essential and important story events that make up the scenes. It consists of full-scene outlines put together. These are different to a synopsis because the synopsis covers the storyline, whereas a treatment is an overview of what is expected to happen throughout a scene. It’s not unusual to be asked for one of these.
- Treatments

Book analysis: So you've written a book and you would like to know whether it's potential movie material? We will analyze it for you. Writer’s Block: Writer’s Block is a creative blockage where your story comes to a standstill because your ideas have – yet you have around 40 pages left to fill. It’s a worrying concept, but your story can survive this dreadful pitfall. It’s not the end of the world and it certainly isn’t the end of your story. We can help you create new nuances and engaging scenarios, take another path, open another door – but most importantly – finish that screenplay. If you have written a book or script in Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, we can also provide the services as mentioned on our website. We offer English or Dutch translations, or translations from English and Dutch to aforementioned languages. Letters, articles, short stories as well.
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One of our common services is providing professionally Formatted Screenplays from ideas, loglines, synopsis’s or treatments. You won’t have to worry about whether your script is industry standard or formatted correctly or has the correct page count, as this will all be provided. Your story will be structured, the dialogue will be drama driven, the action will thrust your protagonist into a series of thrilling challenges, the chase intense yet paced, the clarity coherent and intelligible and the conflict will motivate and shape the action of the plot.
- Screen Writing

Formatting - Editing Formatting is a very important process to writing a screenplay and will immediately determine a rejection or consideration at first glance. First impressions are important. A good script won’t even get read if it’s presentation is not industry standard. Many submissions end up on the reject pile merely because an industry standard template hasn’t been used. Part of our service is to professionally format rough drafts using the latest version of Final Draft – the choice of professionals due to navigating and split screen features – and the number-one selling screenwriting software in the world. Editing is vital. Not only for typos (for example they’re/there/their –your/you’re – who’s/whose – could have/could of). Affect is a verb and effect is a noun. Missed question marks and misuse of apostrophes are all too common. We also provide above services for your story or novel, without converting it into a screenplay.
- Formatting, Editing

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